Branch: Gases
Segment: Cryogenic rail tank cars

LNG (G91.111D)


Innovative tank wagon to carry LNG – an energy resource of the future

In collaboration with Chart Ferox, VTG has built Europe's first ever tank wagon for transporting cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG). The new wagon provides a low-cost way to carry large volumes of this ecofriendly energy resource by rail.

VTG is also the only operator in Europe to market the organization of LNG transportation by rail. Using LNG tank containers opens the door to intermodal transportation for an extensive array of logistical solutions.



Optimized for the transportation of liquified natural gas (LNG; methane, cryogenically liquefied)Special suspension and storage technology for the inner tank inside the outer tank to guarantee the required safety and energy efficiency when transporting LNG at temperatures as low as -162°C.

Ready for transportation in Spain:

  • Buffer head width: 650 mm
  • Distance between buffer centers: 1,850 mm
  • Special preparations for lifting the wagon with the bogie frame

Technical specifications

Subcategory LNG
Tare weight approx. 45 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets 20,366 mm
Min. curve radius 75 m
Brake KE-GP-A 12"
Shoe label K
Hand brake Platform operated hand brake
Crash bufferCrash buffer
Safety equipment 25 t axles with noise reduction coating
Safety device to prevent excess pressure and overfilling
Telematics system to prepare for pressure monitoring
Tank material Outer tank: Carbon steel (S355NL2)    
Inner tank: Stainless steel
Nominal volume approx. 111 m³
Tank code R10,4BN
Design temperature -196 / +50°C
Thermal insulation Vacuum between inner and outer tank
Inner tank insulated