VTG RailTrain

In the 2017 financial year, VTG cooperated with traditional Hamburg firm Blohm+Voss to launch the vocational training program VTG RailTrain. For young people in the Hanseatic city who have had limited success after completing their regular schooling – be that due to social, educational or cultural obstacles – the program opens up opportunities to find an apprenticeship.

The three-and-a-half year dual inclusive training course qualifies trainees as construction mechanics. During this time, VTG provides individually tailored support to each of the youngsters. They are taught practical skills and abilities, and these are complemented by measures to promote general education as well as language and social skills.

In this way, VTG is helping young people work together to overcome obstacles to training, while at the same time building on their personal strengths. Over the next few years, as many as 40 youngsters are to complete the VTG RailTrain course.


Other social projects

Additionally, VTG supports other social projects such as:

- "Zeit für Zukunft – Mentoren für Kinder e. V." ("Time for the Future – Mentors for Children", which provides mentors for Hamburg children aged between 6 and 16)

- The "Lesepaten" ("Reading Mentors") initiative launched by the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper (which encourages an interest in current political, social and economic affairs, as well as promoting media skills)