Protecting the environment:

The VTG Group is committed to full legal compliance, in particular with technical stipulations for the construction and operation of equipment and for operated workshops, the provisions governing the transportation of hazardous goods, and all statutory regulations and prescriptions regarding protection of the environment.

Sustainable rail transport forms the basis of the VTG Group's business model. VTG is doing everything in its power to secure and expand the attractiveness of rail in the long term. This involves further developing the environmentally friendly aspects of rail freight transport as well as combined and modular transport.


Careful use of resources: 

  • When building, operating and maintaining its mobile intrastructure, the VTG Group is committed to the sparing use of resources.
  • Waste is avoided or recycled wherever possible and properly disposed of where avoidance and recycling are not possible.
  • All VTG employees are committed to using resource sparingly.