One Group with many different paths

Bernd Nawitzky, Quality and Safety


Diverse career paths can also be possible within the same company and Bernd provides the best possible proof in this regard. His VTG story dates back to 1993, but he has never become bored during this time.


Fresh out of university, the young mechanical engineer began a trainee programme in Hanover with Preussag, the former parent company of VTG. “By the time I’d reached the second step, an IT project with VTG subsidiary VOTG, VTG had already lured me away! I then started in the rail tank car marketing area where I worked on the project planning of new builds and rebuilds of rail tank cars.” After some years in this position followed stages as a team leader in the technical field and as a controller, where working on a large take-over was a particularly memorable highlight. “I have learnt a great deal in every position I have held and have thoroughly enjoyed my work. Nevertheless, whenever I felt an increased need for a new challenge, I sought out new opportunities.”


In 2004 he therefore decided to embark on a new adventure within VTG by assuming the management of Transpetrol Italy, based in Genoa. But before the family packed their bags and headed towards the south, Bernd took a little break. “The company granted me a few months’ leave. This did me the world of good and enabled me to begin my new task with renewed verve and motivation.” Since then he has returned from the Mediterranean to the Elbe and is now responsible for Quality and Safety within the framework of Supply Chain Excellence at VTG Rail Logistics. He sets the strategic framework so that processes which have been developed, guidelines and standards can be implemented in all of the locations of the expanding business areas.


“That is a recurring theme throughout my curriculum vitae. I have always looked for strategic responsibility and have continually developed myself in this way. VTG has always offered me opportunities to do so.”