Tracking the trend

Carina Matz-Pale, Market Research


The logistics and transport market is continually on the move in every respect. In order to work out strategies in a purposeful way, VTG has to be informed about every development, wherever possible. Carina Pale in Wagon Hire provides just the right insight. Born in Tirol, she has been responsible for the area “Market Intelligence” within the framework of Fleet Marketing since 2011.


She previously studied international economics in her Austrian homeland and in Canada before working for a market research agency in Hamburg. These experiences have benefitted her at VTG as her current task involves providing those responsible for strategic objectives with a sound basis on which to make decisions. “We see ourselves as internal service providers whose product is the provision of relevant information. We therefore speak to experts and work through numerous statistics, reports and scenarios. The greatest challenge in this process is not to lose yourself in the volume of information and to filter out the essentials”, says Carina. In her role as a research expert, she investigates the development of specific industrial sectors, looking at how the market has developed over the years and analysing forecasts. It is of course particularly exciting to see which goods will primarily be transported by rail and where potential for expansion in transport volume still lies. The information we have collected is then submitted to the decision makers in the company. Carina finds that working in the Market Intelligence department is always exciting. “My task is fun and entails a great deal of responsibility. I really want to stay tracking the trend!”