A career between the sea and mountains

Sabrina Harloff, Technical Customer Service


Whoever is open to new things can certainly experience a great deal at VTG, just as Sabrina has. During her apprenticeship as an office administrator, she held numerous placements in the technical field. It was at that time that she quickly caught the bug. “The specific requirements for the various wagon types fascinated me. I therefore decided to start with disposition when I finished my apprenticeship in 2003, where I had the task to allocate the appropriate wagon to each customer.”

After a period of time she had a desire for change. VTG Switzerland was looking for a substitute back then and off she went! She initially commuted between Hamburg and Basel, for three months to start with, then four, then five… and she eventually had the possibility to stay in Switzerland. By 2012 she was leading the Technology Department at VTG Switzerland yet she yearned for the sea air on the other side of the mountain scenery. VTG was able to arrange a way back. “After a transitional period I am now a team leader working in technical customer service and I handle the management of wagon damage, the provision of spare parts and much more.” She is still in close contact with her colleagues in Switzerland. “When employees transfer between the international companies it of course facilitates communication- if you know someone you can easily work efficiently together.”