An ear to the tracks

Simone Aulert, Corporate Communications


Don’t be alarmed! Simone doesn’t put herself in any danger for VTG! Her “ear to the tracks” listens to the Group employees in a purely metaphorical way! She works for the Corporate Communications Department and is responsible for internal communication.


Her main task is to keep employees informed about everything going on within the Group. Simone developed the most important medium for this purpose herself- there has been a VTG company magazine for more than twenty years now and Simone has been responsible for the editorial management from the very beginning. Articles about new businesses, technological innovations and stories about the company are compiled in the magazine at quarterly intervals. “In ON TRACK, the name of the magazine, we present the entire business spectrum of VTG and provide information about topics which are of particular interest to the Group. We especially focus on human and personal levels as we believe it is important that the European employees know what is going on in the locations in the USA and Asia,” affirms Simone about ON TRACK.


In order not to miss a good story, she works in close contact with all of the different departments. The magazine is not the only source of information for employees, as news is placed on the internal service portal daily. Simone’s tasks always present her with new challenges and she is certainly never bored. “So much has happened in the Group since I began my business administration training here in 1989. Offering communicative support for large acquisitions, the VTG 60 year anniversary and the initial public offering in 2007 were particularly enjoyable times for me.”