From ringtone to rail tank car

Uwe Trenkner, Software development


On his journey towards becoming a computer scientist, Uwe has had to deal with the biggest questions of the last decades- Will the software still work when the calendar leaps into the new millennium? How can the transition to the euro be processed in the systems? How can record companies protect their music rights in the digital age? And not forgetting- how do you get the crazy frog ring tone on your mobile phone without a hitch? After many years of working with software consulting companies which mainly focused on digital media, the Hanover-born gentleman wanted to work with “a product you could touch”, for a company where IT is used to make real business with real goods possible.

He has been on board since 2008 and he now heads the Application Development Department in the IT area in Hamburg. His area of responsibility ranges from the IBM mainframe to agile software development with Java. His team creates systems which make the hiring and logistics business technically possible. “One significant advantage is that VTG develops its own systems. This allows the company to stand out from the competition with its innovative functions. The software we have designed gives us the flexibility to react to new challenges. Being able to make this possible with my team keeps me motivated each day.” The introduction of an agile development model that he initiated and carried forward himself made a significant contribution to success. “Software development requires teamwork and ensuring that people work successfully together is a major challenge. VTG helps me a great deal in this regard, through the trust in my ability to manage the process.”