Seasonal fluctuations and a wide variety of produce

In the nature of things, farming is more exposed to pronounced seasonal fluctuations than perhaps any other industry. It also brings forth a vast spectrum of produce, all of which has to be transported. Both factors create challenging demands if the logistical chain is to work smoothly and punctually.

Rapid response, reliable delivery

VTG meets these demands on every count. We respond swiftly to changing circumstances, reliably getting your goods from A to B. The entire wealth of our experience and resources is at your disposal:

  • Drawing on the resources shared by the entire VTG Group, we can, on request, deliver efficient and effective all-in-one solutions that satisfy our customers' needs even at short notice.
  • Our carefully structured system lets us make grain wagons and whole block trains available at any time.
  • Positioned as your professional rail partner, we submit offers tailored to your individual requirements. If certain specifications cannot be met for any reason, our Railcar Consulting unit will always come up with an alternative.
  • VTG has more than just a versatile and extensive food transportation fleet. What really sets us apart is the knowledge and expertise needed to maintain this fleet and build new wagons to order in-house.