Building materials

Major projects that present special challenges

If large-scale projects are to be planned and costed efficiently and completed to tight schedules, the supply of building materials and the disposal of building waste has to run like clockwork. It is not unusual for customers to only know the exact dates and precise volumes shortly before work is due to commence. So the biggest challenge is often having to organize the deployment of open goods wagons at a moment's notice.


Specialist knowledge, experienced consultants

VTG focuses its entire structure – including rail logistics, services and the wagon pool – on your specific conditions and constraints. We have all the expertise you need, and are also happy to provide you with on-site technical advice. 

  • Our depot in the northern German city of Syke guarantees a uniquely flexible supply of all kinds of flat, hopper and box wagons.
  • As soon as we receive an order, we can make single wagons, groups of wagons or block trains available. We can also draw on rolling stock at other locations around Europe.
  • You concern yourself with your core business – and leave the logistics to us. On request, we can prepare all-in-one solutions and supply you with offers at attractive, competitive market rates.
  • You naturally also benefit from the strict safety requirements we impose on ourselves and our wagon pool.
  • Our extensive fleet covers the full spectrum of goods wagons to meet any and every need. Even prototypes can be built at any time.