All kinds of products, strict safety requirements

Chemicals classed as hazardous substances are subject to special norms and regulations in transit. Such highly sensitive products also place exacting safety demands on transportation solutions and the equipment used. Moreover, the sheer diversity of chemical products presupposes compliance with every conceivable specification and requirement.

Safe transportation and project-specific new railcar construction

VTG guarantees compliance with the strictest safety standards for every aspect of your chemical transportation needs. You reap the benefit of our established and intelligently structured logistical processes, as well as our global, customer-specific solutions:

  • The wagons and tank containers in our fleet – be they standard steel, stainless steel, rubberized or coated – cover the full spectrum of hazardous goods specifications.
  • Waggonbau Graaff, the facility where we build new rail freight cars, gives us the flexibility to accommodate individual requirements and produce even small volumes of special-purpose railcars for specific projects.
  • We attach great importance to regular safety training, so you can rely absolutely on the expertise of our people and our partners at every link in the transportation chain.
  • We reliably track your consignments using GPS positioning and smart data in conjunction with intelligent telematics systems.
  • Services such as cross-divisional capacity management and a network specially optimized to meet your requirements set VTG apart as a strong partner for all your chemical transportation needs.