Branch: Intermodal<br> Segment: Low floor wagons<br> Load: 9`6“ high cube container, ISO container, Swap bodies, Tank container, Swap container

Sfgkmmss/Sfgmmss - ECOfret (I53.040M)


Coupling type, outer - screw coupling, UIC 135 t
Coupling type, inner - fixed bar coupling

Technical specifications

UIC Class Sfgkmmss/Sfgmmss - ECOfret Low-loader wagon
Tare weight Approx. 21 t/wagon
Max. load Approx. 61 t/wagon
Axle load 20.5 t
Wheel diameter 840 mm
Clearance: Outer wheelsets Single: 10,176 mm
Twin: 24,078 mm
Triple: 36,880 mm
Brake MH-GP-A (Integral tread pusher brakes)
Composite material shoe K shoe
Parking brake Partial, pedestrian-controllable in the understructure Executed
Min. drivable turning radius 70 m/wagon
Max. speed 75 mph
Total length over buffers Twin: 28,018 mm
Triple: 40,820 mm
Loading length Twin, 2 x 11,985 mm
Triple, 3 x 11,985 mm
Load length in feet Twin, 80 ft
Triple, 120 ft
Loading width 2,500 mm
Loading height above the rail, unloaded 980 mm
Suitable for ferries  -