Tailor-made concepts

Looking for a strong, reliable partner who takes your individual requirements seriously? VTG supplies you with optimized solutions for every step of the entire wagon and hire lifecycle.

Feel free to contact us. We will partner with you to draw up a made-to-measure concept that fits your needs like a glove.

Sale-and-lease-back arrangements

Do you have your own wagon fleet? If you are looking to sell it and put it in professional hands, we would like to hear from you! And if you like, you can then lease back the wagons you have sold to us. That relieves you of the burden of maintenance and wagon management, for example, not to mention the many other obligations associated with running your own wagon fleet. It also lets you free up the capital and human resources that used to be tied up, channeling them instead into your own core business. A further benefit is that you only hire as many wagons as you need to cover your specific transportation requirements.


Management and technical support/ECM

Beyond simply hiring our rail freight wagons, you can also take advantage of our add-on services: both the technical support and the management of your own wagons. If you commission VTG to handle technical support for your wagons, we effectively assume the function of wagon owners, although you continue to use the wagons yourself.