Use of multi-layered flexitanks

Our flexitanks convert a standard box container into a bulk liquid transport solution. They are a clever alternative to the traditional methods of shipping non-hazardous liquids in small packaging like drums and IBCs. 


Product types

A whole range of non-hazardous liquids can be transported in flexitanks, including agricultural oils, liquid latex, wine, mineral water (flat), fruit juice, edible oils, bio fuels, glycerin, and non-hazardous industrial chemicals. On request we will check the compatibility of your product with our foil and find the right composition for your specialized packaging needs.


Capacity range

The VTG flexitank system is a multi-layered flexitank with a capacity range from 12,000 liters to 24,000 liters and fits into a standard 20ft ocean freight container. It exploits every inch of container space available: you can ship up to 30% more cargo in comparison to drums and IBCs. At VTG, we only work with first-class manufacturers hence entered a strategic partnership with Büscherhoff Packaging Solutions GmbH as a flexitank supplier.


End-to-end service

  • We source flexitanks from our global stock, made available to our customers across the globe.
  • A container is selected out of the shipping line stock thereafter the flexitank is fitted at a VTG fitting location, to meet your specific shipping needs.
  • All our fitting teams & partners are certified once a year by VTG to ensure that all teams and partners meet the quality requirements of VTG. 
  • Cargo is collected from your site and transported via road, rail and barge to the port of export.
  • The flexitank-fitted container is shipped to its destination using our ocean freight services.
  • Customs clearance is obtained at the shipment’s destination.
  • Cargo is loaded and shipped via road or rail to its final destination.
  • We offer the recycling and disposal of VTG flexitanks on request.


Recycling & disposal

The disposal/recycling of the empty flexitank lies in responsibility of the customer, alternatively we can offer it. The cost depends on the type of the cargo carried as well possible quantity remaining in the flexitank. 

Benefits of flexitanks

  • Reduce your freight charges: there’s no need to return the flexitank so you only pay one-way freight costs.
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive flexitank transport service: from fitting and loading the flexitank to handling your end-to-end logistics, VTG offers a complete flexitank service.
  • Transport more liquid in every container: significant savings are possible by transporting up to 30% more liquid in each container (versus IBCs or drums).
  • Save time & money on loading and unloading: loading and unloading times are reduced by 90% compared to IBCs & drums.
  • Eliminate the risk of cross contamination: our manufacturer is using only virgin foils  for all our flexitanks.


John Affeld
Head of Flexitank

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