Fleet management

Mature IT infrastructure for fleet management


Professional fleet management services from VTG Rail Logistics tangibly improve the efficiency of your goods shipment activities. A mature IT infrastructure and proven software leave us ideally placed to offer you the best possible rail freight transportation services across the whole of Europe. Our reliable, expert support walks you through every step of the way, from scheduling and the punctual provisioning of single wagons, wagon pools and block trains to expert advice on the design and construction of new railcars.

Our pool of around 5,800 wagons is available to handle your rail-based shipment of all kinds of goods and hazardous material. Where necessary, VTG Rail Logistics' no-gaps network also lets you draw on the services of external providers to achieve custom-tailored solutions – even in the context of individual spot transactions.

Our sizeable purchasing volumes also translate into cost benefits for our customers. Take advantage of our fleet management services, including route planning. Our experienced staff are there to help you around the clock.