Management of damaged wagons

Quickly back on track


A tightly meshed network across the whole of Europe enables VTG Rail Logistics to handle your damaged wagons and have them repaired efficiently on a cross-border basis. Our damaged wagon management team walks you through every step of the process – from defining and scheduling the required services to monitoring repair work and returning the railcar to your wagon pool. Wherever possible, mobile teams complete repairs on location.

We also take care of all communication with other wagon hire companies and the relevant repair shops. That leaves you free to concentrate on your core business while we make sure your delivery consignments stay on the rails and on schedule.

It is good to have a strong, reliable partner by your side whose order volume is big enough to let you benefit from attractive terms and conditions that improve your own cost efficiency. Our experienced teams are committed to ensuring that damaged wagons get back in circulation as quickly as possible to keep your freight shipments rolling.