Retrack network

VTG’s rail logistics network


In our capacity as a reliable and experienced logistical partner, we also give you the benefit of our in-house retrack network. Efficient logistical links have been established between the key business and industrial hubs in Europe, allowing individual wagons, groups of wagons and even whole block trains to be constantly tracked and traced. Our goal is to optimize your rail-based freight traffic in light of all applicable cost factors – from critical volumes to large-scale solutions. We achieve this goal by intelligently joining up all the available options afforded by the rail network in your specified freight traffic corridor.

VTG Rail Logistics has a pool of electric and diesel engines that can be expanded at short notice. For customers, the benefits are certainly worth a second look: Handling is extremely flexible. Hire periods are reliable and can be aligned to your specific needs at any time in close collaboration between you and us. In addition, our professional team are on hand to help you with retrack network issues 24/7.