Efficient control of tank container transports

At VTG, we are equipped to offer first-rate fleet management services, either with our own tank container fleet or yours. Building on our expertise and a global presence centered in Europe, we are opening up new, intermodal transport routes. 


Our large-scale tank container fleet means we are in a position to meet a wide range of transportation requirements – for everything from liquids produced by the chemical, petroleum and compressed gas industries to hazardous goods and challenging products like isocyanates. As a seasoned player in this marketplace, we can also organize your own container fleet, planning and controlling operations end to end, from departure point to destination.


Our specialists would be happy to help you explore your logistics strategies and create transport solutions – complete with supply chain management – focused exactly on your needs and requirements. Tap into our extensive know-how in tank container fleet management to optimize and future-proof your transportation operations.