Standard containers and custom solutions

At VTG we have a global, broad-based fleet of tank containers. This means we are excellently equipped to meet your tank container transport requirements – precisely and efficiently – no matter what kinds of goods you need to ship. Your success relies fundamentally on access to the right solutions. With VTG, you can choose from a vast range of container types, including standard containers for liquid chemicals or petroleum products, compressed gas containers, tank containers for temperature-controlled products, swap bodies for European traffic, and specialized containers for substances like isocyanates.


Based on experience, we can offer customers the option of assembling specially tailored tank container fleets, including modification of existing tank containers and even complete re-planning in the event that their requirements change. In addition, we have a process-based quality and safety management system in place that ensures we comply with international legal requirements governing health, safety and the environment.


VTG also has the experience and resources to provide a full management service for your organization’s own container fleet. Leave the fleet management to our experts while you concentrate on your core business.