Modal independence with tank containers

Organizing transportation so that it runs smoothly, safely and sustainably is particularly important when it comes to hazardous goods. With shipments via tank container (especially well-suited to intermodal transportation) the delivery chain can be tailored specifically to customers’ needs. VTG Tanktainer can carry consignments door-to-door, either as spot shipments or on round trips. Depending on the type of freight, customers can also choose how containers are equipped.


In addition to handling temperature-controlled shipments, VTG Tanktainer’s portfolio includes providing comprehensive transport logistics with customer-specific, specialized containers, designing and delivering all-round logistics solutions, and managing customers’ own tank containers on their behalf.


VTG Tanktainer has a network of offices and exclusive agents spanning the world. This broad lineup equips the company to provide tank container transportation on a global scale, with core operations in Europe and a strong presence in Turkey and the CIS countries. Other services besides transportation are available and are delivered through its joint venture with COSCO Logistics. For example, VTG Tanktainer is currently building out its products and services in the Chinese marketplace to include drumming, transloading and warehousing, alongside transportation.