Keeping you on the move: Authorized repair shops throughout Europe

Safety and mobility are of crucial importance, especially for the transportation of hazardous goods. That is why VTG works closely together with an extensive network of partner repair shops. These modern facilities meet all relevant safety standards, guarantee top quality results and provide us and our customers with pan-European coverage for our and their repair and maintenance needs.

This network enables us to resolve technical issues with very short turnaround times. Dedicated warehouses of spare parts at central locations combine with a sophisticated material management system to ensure that rapid repair service puts your wagons back on the rails as quickly as possible.

We are both a customer and a partner to these repair shops, so it is in our own interests to work with them to develop and improve technical standards. Together, we plan and operate a system of smart maintenance for our wagons: In addition to scheduled servicing and ad-hoc repairs, we also perform preventive maintenance to maximize wagon availability for the duration of each hire contract. Thanks to our own distributed acceptance and quality assurance organization, our specialists can quickly be deployed wherever they are needed.

Our network of repair shops also includes two of our own wagon repair facilities, at Brühl in Germany and Joigny in France. They form the backbone of the VTG maintenance concept. Every little detail fascinates us. And this passion, coupled with the ability to regularly handle the technical servicing of wagons ourselves, gives us a constant stream of new insights into the stresses to which wagons are exposed and possible areas for improvement. As a result, in-house repair work actually drives our company's innovative capabilities and technical expertise. Another bonus is that doing our own maintenance work gives us transparency about cost trends, enabling us to set benchmarks with regard to the price, throughput time and quality of repair services that are purchased externally.

Optimized capacity utilization thanks to mobile revision (MoRe)

VTG's mobile revision unit MoRe takes maintenance into a whole new dimension of customer-friendliness. MoRe is an add-on service where wagons no longer have to go back to the workshop for maintenance or repairs – not even for regular inspections. Instead, the new concept brings the repair shop to the wagon: to the customer, the loading point or other destinations.

Mobile wagon maintenance yields massive benefits. Downtime is slashed by having repairs performed on site. Wagons do not have to complete wasteful unladen journeys and are back in service again extremely quickly.

Our well equipped vehicles feature both functional test devices and all the tools and equipment needed for wagon repairs. That allows us to complete revision packages G 4.8 and G 4.2 quickly and cost-efficiently. Pressure tests and functional tests for bulk cargo and tank wagons are included in the MoRe 3 package, while the MoRe 4 package also includes the same tests for goods wagons.

Mobile revision (MoRe) gives your fleet the availability and versatility it needs to let you optimize capacity utilization.

Our in-house repair shops provide the following services:

  • Repairs to/maintenance of superstructures, underframes and bogies
  • Wheelset processing
  • Servicing/tank inspections
  • Modernization and conversion