We build new wagons both for our own fleet and for external customers at our dedicated facility in Elze, northern Germany. All the skills and knowledge we need to craft rail freight wagons that meet customers' specific needs and satisfy the highest safety standards are pooled at this modern facility.


Everything we do is aligned with the very latest technology, full compliance with the law and the specialized requirements that apply for a very wide variety of engineered products. The experience we gain from day-to-day activities in rail logistics flows into new construction in a very detailed form.


Ensuring that everything works smoothly is critical to cost-efficient mobility, especially when moving goods for which safety is a key issue. To guarantee efficient maintenance too, we minimize the idle time that results from servicing, modernization and wagon repairs by operating repair shops – including a sophisticated system of material management and spare parts logistics – across the whole of Europe.


Our mobile revision unit MoRe takes wagon maintenance into a new dimension: What is so special about this new concept from VTG? The repair shop comes to the wagon: See for yourself!