Wagon manufacturing

Heading for the future with new and special-purpose wagons

The railcar construction facility we operate in the German city of Elze is VTG's technological flagship. Building wagons in-house ensures that our need for special-purpose freight cars is covered at all times. More than that, it also enables us to channel our knowledge of the market into railcar construction – and to constantly add to our technological expertise. That naturally helps VTG's own wagon hire activities. But the fleets of other wagon hire companies and rail carriers likewise benefit from our expertise, as do industrial companies and service providers that operate their own fleets of railcars.


Special-purpose valve construction

VTG develops and markets special-purpose valves that are deployed internationally for tank cars, tank containers and road vehicles – to carry both hazardous liquid goods and pressurized liquefied gases.


Alongside compliance with all national and international standards and regulations, good design must always be rooted in state-of-the-art technology and guided by customers' wishes. We choose only respected production partners to manufacture our valves. Over the years, continuous dialogue with these firms has laid a firm foundation for the ongoing development and improvement of our valves.