Tank Cars

VTG is happy to provide an array of options for leased tank cars. Each tank car is built to accommodate nearly any rail task you need. In fact, each of VTG’s tank cars for lease has their own unique configuration to better fit your specific needs. Below we’ve included a quick overview touching on some of the main points of each tank car. You can also click on the image of your selection to get a visual reference on the car. We are dedicated to achieving your absolute satisfaction. In fact, our expert customer service staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. Browse our variety of tank cars for lease below.

  • 20,000 Gallon 100 Ton DOT 111A100W1 Interior Coiled
  • Non-Jacketed, Bottom & Top Unloading
  • Ideal for shipping, Ammonium Lignosulfon, Fertilizers, Petroleum Products, Thinners and other similar commodities.
  • 24,000 Gallon DOT 111A100W1 3-compartment tank car
  • equipped with interior coils, bottom unloading
  • Ideal for shipping, Petroleum Products and other similar commodities.
  • 23,500 Gallon General Purpose Exterior coiled
  • Ideal for shipping, Vegetable Oil, Fertilizers, Lube Oils, Fertilizers, Tallow, Asphalt, Benzene, Paint Thinners and other similar commodities.
  • 17,600 Gallon DOT111A100W3 Exterior Coiled, Jacketed & Insulated
  • Top Loading, Bottom Unloading, With and without linings
  • Ideal for shipping, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Wax and other similar commodities
  • 30,000 Gallon General Purpose Tank Car DOT-111A100W1
  • Non-coiled and Non-insulated
  • 263k G.R.L.