VTG statement on the war in Ukraine


We are all appalled at the news and pictures coming out of Ukraine. As a responsible corporate citizen, VTG supports the values of freedom and democracy and condemns Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine in the strongest terms. We are deeply concerned about the people in Ukraine, with whom we stand in unequivocal solidarity.

To help the people of Ukraine, VTG and its employees recently organized a campaign to raise money for Germany’s Relief Coalition (“Aktion Deutschland Hilft”. VTG doubled the amount raised by the employees themselves. At the same time, VTG is striving to give as much support as possible to Ukrainian business partners and supply humanitarian aid wherever this is feasible.

We support the decisions made by the German government and its allies and are rigorously applying the current sanctions. We continually monitor the impact on our business in the countries affected and take appropriate action wherever this becomes necessary.

In strict accord with the prescribed sanctions, VTG operates in the wagon leasing and project logistics space in Russia via subsidiaries for whose local staff we, their employer, bear responsibility. We want to take this opportunity to clearly state that our Russian colleagues stand with us and are a part of us. Diversity and openness to the world are defining elements of who and what we are. Every single individual is an important member of VTG.

Our hope is that the war will be ended as quickly as possible and that, without delay, a return to diplomatic solutions can take place.