Branch: Commodities<br> Segment: Flat wagons<br> Load: Waste paper, Brown goods, Palletised goods, White goods


Rilns | F40.185/186D


A very flexible railcar that can be used in numerous services. The railcar is equipped with a quick-opening tarpaulin cover which is remarkable for its ease of use. Its special features include: one man use, ease of opening and access, central locking system. When the cover is fully opened, 2/3rds of the total railcar length is fully accessible from above.

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Technical specifications

Tare weight Approx. 25 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: Outer wheelsets 16,660 mm
Min. curve radius 35 m
BrakeCH-GP-A 16“/KE-GP 16“
Brake block categoryGray cast iron
Drawgear & static tractive force Split, 850 kN
Roof (Fast-moving) tarpaulin cover, can be unlocked on either side
Suitable for one-man operation
Load area Approx. 49 m²/51.3 m³
Loading length Approx. 18,504 mm/18,640 mm
Loading width Approx. 2,766 mm
Floor type Wooden floor (spruce, impregnated), 45 mm
Loading height above top of rail, unloaded Approx. 1,235 mm
Lashing lugs 4 (2 per front wall)
Front wall2
Thickness: 4 mm top, 6/7 mm bottom