Branch: Gases<br> Segment: Cryogenic rail tank cars<br> Load:


Carbon Dioxide | G92.062D


Optimized for the transportation of cryogenic carbon dioxide (carbonic acid).

Charging and discharging: Liquid and gase phases with hydraulically operated bottom valve.

Straightforward compliance with the ten-day transportation prescribed by law thanks to a special semi-mounted version to reduce heat transfer by means of thermal decoupling.

Technical specifications

Tare weight approx. 28.3 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets 11,160 mm
Min. curve radius 35 m
Brake KE-GP 16"
Brake block categoryGray cast iron
Crash buffer Category C
Tank material Carbon steel (P460/600NL2)
Nominal volume approx. 62 m³
Tank code R26BN
Design temperature -40 / +50°C
Thermal insulation PUR rigid foam, 200 mm