Branch: Disposal<br> Segment: Box wagons<br> Load: Energy products, Coal, Beets, Scrap


Eaos | B41.072C


Light to heavy loads such as coal, ores, sand, scrap and wood waste.

Specially reinforced to meet the demands of scrap transportation.

Fastening hooks allow tarpaulins and wire mesh covers to be affixed.

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Technical details

Tare weightApprox. 25.7 t
Axle load20 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets10,800 mm
min. curve radius75 m
BrakeKE-GP 16“
Brake block categoryLL brake block
Drawgear & static tractive forceSplit, 850 kN
Nominal volumeApprox. 72 m³
Material, bodyCarbon steel (S355J2+N)
Load areaApprox. 36 m²
Inner loading length12,800 mm
Loading width, interior2,800 mm
Wall thickness (sides)8 mm
Wall thickness (ends)10 mm
Floor thickness10 mm
Cleaning doors2 single doors (one on either side)
Thickness = 8 mm
980 mm x 930 mm
Fastening hooks20 (outside/at top)
Floor outletNone