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Fleet Services

Trust our expertise for the entire package of fleet services – from consulting and maintenance to the management of your whole fleet.


Managing a fleet of owned or leased wagons is a very responsible job and a lot of work. At VTG, we take care of your freight wagons, but also of the many other extremely important matters that involve a great deal of work and numerous processes that are often hard to quantify: from advice on the selection of suitable wagons for your products to the design of leasing contracts to wagon maintenance and cleaning. Our expertise guarantees that your fleet is managed efficiently and availability is maximized, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. To put that another way:

We take care of your fleet so you can take care of your business!


An optimized fleet gives your business the best possible support.

Based on thorough analysis of your business, supply chain and logistical requirements, we help you build up and maintain exactly the right fleet to accompany your business growth. Our huge portfolio, modern wagon fleet and selection of pool-based customer-specific and modular solutions ensures that you always get the best wagon solution to meet your individual needs. Boasting the largest wagon fleet in Europe, we are in a position even to satisfy demand for wagons at short notice. That in turn frees you to fully exploit every business opportunity.


How you benefit

  • Optimal fleet for your business needs 
  • Flexibility to respond to fluctuations in business 
  • Superior quality and certification standards for all your freight wagons 
  • Comprehensive wagon availability
Individually tailored and customer-centric maintenance concepts alert you to wear and tear before damage occurs.

It makes sense to minimize idle time for your wagons. Regular checks help us discover and mend damage before it becomes serious, thereby avoiding more expensive repairs. That cuts both costs and downtime. To further save on workshop time and freight costs, these check-ups can also be performed on a mobile basis. Our service portfolio includes inspecting brakes, shock absorbers, couplings, wheels, valves and welded joints. We manage the entire process on your behalf and handle communication between everyone involved, including the repair team, the wagon owner and the site manager.


How you benefit

  • Less unexpected/extra costs 
  • Fewer unscheduled stops 
  • Avoidance of unnecessary workshop visits 
  • Comprehensive wagon availability
Benefit from transparent wagon cleaning processes and costs.

The professional cleaning of standard freight wagons, tank cars and petroleum tank cars is not part of your core business and often involves costs and a volume of work that are hard to predict. We take all this off your hands – in the context of revisions, repairs and when your lease ends, but also as a preventive measure to guard against damage. Thanks to our transparent processes, you are kept informed at all times of the latest work status, which in turn lets you plan wagon deployment more efficiently. VTG handles the whole cleaning process on your behalf: transporting your wagon to the cleaning facility, cleaning it and returning it to your selected destination.


How you benefit

  • Less downtime thanks to an efficient overall process 
  • Superior wagon availability and a more flexible fleet 
  • Greater transparency about wagon statuses during the cleaning process 
  • A competitive price for the cleaning of your freight wagons, including transfers to and from a location of your choice
Wagon revisions that are tailored to your needs and thus reduce idle time.

Our 360-degree revision management service optimizes the entire process. You deal with only one partner, who coordinates revision planning with your workshop and freight schedules and keeps idle time to an absolute minimum. We also offer a comprehensive, no-worries package for revisions themselves: It starts with transfer to the revision workshop and coordination with all relevant stakeholders and ends with return transfer to your facility. The result? You have complete control of your fleet availability at all times and can manage your wagons more efficiently.


How you benefit

  • Less downtime thanks to an efficient overall process 
  • Superior wagon availability and a more flexible fleet 
  • Traction management to boost efficiency and facilitate planning 
  • Selection and scheduling of workshops and cooperation partners 
  • Optimized and punctual handover of wagons to workshops
  • ·       Faster revision processes
Unscheduled outages? Get your wagons back on the rails quickly.

It is only normal to want unscheduled outages to be dealt with and get your standard freight wagons and tank cars back in service as quickly as possible. Thanks to our tightly meshed transportation and workshop network, we can take charge of your damaged wagon anywhere in Europe, organizing the best possible repair solution even across national borders. Wherever possible, mobile repair teams will come to you and do the work on site, walking you through the entire process from service scheduling to returning the repaired wagon to your pool. They also handle all communication with wagon owners and workshops, all of which increases process efficiency – and quickly gets your wagons back on the rails.


How you benefit:

  • Less downtime thanks to an efficient overall process 
  • Greater wagon availability and rolling stock flexibility 
  • Traction management to boost efficiency and facilitate planning 
  • Optimized and punctual handover of wagons to workshops 
  • Faster repair processes
  • Easier planning

Lease our equipment and benefit from our many add-on services – from the manufacture of new wagons to maintenance to fleet management.

Logistical Services

Make efficient, rail-based transport the solution of choice for your cargo – complete with end-to-end logistics spanning the whole transport chain.

Digital Solutions

Tracking movements, scheduling wagons and tank containers, predicting maintenance: Our digital solutions make your transports safer and more efficient.

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