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Corporate Strategy

Our vision, mission and values are the foundation for our thinking and actions and our collaboration.  

Our purpose

Real. Green. Transport for life.

REAL: These are VTG's real, tangible assets - our wagons, superstructures and tank containers.

GREEN: This is our major contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector in Europe through our business. But it is also our fundamental business approach. As VTG, for example, we want to be carbon-neutral by 2040.

TRANSPORT FOR LIFE: With our durable freight wagons, bodies and tank containers, we form the backbone of European freight transport and ensure that essential transport flows function smoothly. "Our" mode of transport, rail, is the most climate-friendly alternative and offers the chance of a better future for future generations.

Our mission

By pairing the experience and creative ideas of our people with a very extensive fleet of wagons and containers, we establish rail as the backbone of smart, sustainable transport and logistical solutions. Engaging in dialogue with our partners in Europe and around the globe, we develop innovative products and concepts that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We attach great importance to safety, quality and reliability, but also to agility and an entrepreneurial mindset. Trust, respect and openness shape our dealings with each other within the company, but also with customers, suppliers and capital backers.

Our values

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We do not compromise on safety, quality, environmental awareness and social responsibility. We are aware that we achieve better results in diverse teams. That is why we encourage this. We take on and transfer responsibility, share our knowledge and thereby strengthen each other.
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We think and act sustainably and behave with integrity. You can rely on us and our performance - this is the basis of our actions.
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We continuously reduce complexity for our customers, eliminate the non-value-adding steps in our actions, and use our resources effectively. We strive for clarity and transparency and focus on the needs of our customers.
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We are bold in everything we do and we make decisions, taking into account the attendant risks. We are self-critical and question the status quo, while aiming to improve what is good. We trust each other and say what we think in an appreciative way, even if it is uncomfortable.
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Investor Relations
VTG was a publicly traded company from 2007 to 2021. This page contains all information and reports of relevance to investors.
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