Many different colorful food products.


VTG specializes in holistic solutions for food transports, providing the appropriate wagons and containers for every demand.

Wine, sugar, grain for use in pasta … Whatever the product, handling it is a delicate business that places special demands on the planning and execution of transports. VTG provides full-line and individual solutions to get your foods to their destination, safely and in impeccable condition. To do so, we deploy a variety of containers for liquid, granular, powdered and solid foods. Only food-grade wagons and tank containers are used, of course, and can also be deployed for kosher food transports. Temperature-sensitive products can be refrigerated or heated in the container. Alternatively, an external PowerBox guarantees a consistent temperature as they ride the rails.


How you benefit

  • Benefit from VTG’s varied assortment of food-grade transport containers. We are also happy to manufacture new wagons and tank containers to your individual specifications.
  • We provide refrigeration/heating options that use sensors to monitor temperature-sensitive products.
  • Where necessary, VTG delivers wagons straight to your business premises. If you do not have railway sidings, we use intermodal solutions to cover the last mile.
  • Benefit from  our holistic logistics solutions and our in-house railway company Retrack.



The right solutions for every industry

Discover the most suitable wagons, superstructures, tank containers, logistical services and digital solutions for every cargo and every industry.
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