Chemical railtank car

Zacens | VTG type C52.077D

Data sheet

  • Ideal for the transportation of liquid goods in the RID classes 3, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9.


Technical details

Tare weight approx. 23.4 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets 13,160 mm
Min. curve radius 35 m
Brake KE-GP 12"
Brake block category K brake block
Tank material Stainless steel (17-12-2)
Nominal volume approx. 77 m³
Bottom valve DN 100, heatable
T-piece DN 100, insulated, can be heated separately
Forced ventilation Mechanical, self-operating (linked to a bottom valve)
Vapor return Operated from bottom level on both sides
(removable on request)
Tank code L4BH
Design temperature -20 / +165°C
Heating 6-pipe externally mounted, 8.4 m²
Test/operating excess pressure of 9.0/6.0 bar
Insulation Mineral wool felt, 100 mm
Insulation cover made of stainless steel
Residue emptying 1° slope angle and tank sump


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