Branch: Chemicals<br> Segment: Stainless steel rail tank car<br> Load: Ultra-pure chemical products, Caustic soda lye, Phenol, Phosphoric acid


Top and/or bottom discharge | stainless steel | C62.050D


Optimized for the transportation of caustic soda.

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Technical specifications

Tare weight Approx. 20.5 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets 11,160 mm
Min. curve radius 35 m
Brake KE-GP 12"
Brake block categoryK brake block
Tank material Stainless steel (1.4307) 
Bottom valveDN 100, heatable
T-pieceDN 100, insulated, can be heated separately
Nominal volume Approx. 50 m³
Tank code L4BH
Design temperature -20 / +150°C
Heating 4-pipe externally mounted, 4.6 m²
Test/operating excess pressure of 7.5/5.0 bar
Insulation Mineral wool felt, 100 mm
Insulation cover made of stainless steel
Residue emptying 1° slope angle and tank sump