Branch: Wood<br> Segment: Flat wagons<br> Load: Roundwood, Timber


Snpss | F42.196D


This wagon for the transportation of lumber and pipes can be used on a pan-European basis and is notable for its ease of handling. The wagon has 9 pairs of rungs with integrated load-securing systems comprising a steel cable and chain. If necessary the wagon can also be equipped with end walls. The wagon is thus easy to load and secure. The wagon has 25 t axle-loading max. 75 t cargo weight and 112 m³ loading volume and thus fulfils the most up-to-date market requirements.

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Technical details

Tare weightApprox. 24 t without front wall
Approx. 25 t with front wall
Axle load22.5 t
Clearance: Outer wheelsets17,600 mm
Min. curve radius75 m
BrakeKE-GP-A 16“
Brake block categoryLL brake block
Drawgear & static tractive forceSplit, 850 kN
Load areaApprox. 53.5 m²
Loading lengthApprox. 19,600 mm
Loading widthApprox. 2,730 mm
Floor typeSheet metal, 3 mm
Loading height above top of rail, unloaded 1,200 mm
Lashing lugs20
Stanchions9 pairs of built-in tie-down fastenings made of steel cables with chains at the end
Load restraints19
Front wall0 or 2