Transpetrol in Poland becomes VTG Rail Logistics Polska

- Rebranding to solidify VTG’s uniform presence on the European market

- VTG Rail Logistics Polska offers rail logistics services across Europe


Everything under one name: VTG is providing customers in Poland rail logistics services under VTG Rail Logistics Polska branding, effective immediately. By renaming Transpetrol Sp. Z o.o., VTG is solidifying its uniform market presence throughout Europe. “In rebranding the Polish company, we’re offering our customers a great deal more clarity in the future. Under the VTG name, they will continue to receive the high quality, pan-European rail logistics services they’re already accustomed to,” says Günther J. Ferk, Head of VTG Rail Logistics Europe. VTG AG had already acquired a majority stake in Transpetrol GmbH Internationale Eisenbahnspedition as early as 1992. Subsequently, the company, including its rail logistics activities in Poland, was fully integrated into the VTG Group. 


Tailor-made freight forwarding services 
VTG Rail Logistics Polska offers its customers a comprehensive service portfolio with a special focus on transporting dangerous and agricultural goods, as well as intermodal transport. The 30-strong team develops customized logistics concepts, both on wide and narrow gauge railways, and also has many years of experience in cross-border freight handling at its fingertips.