White dust car with blue VTG logo.

Powder wagon

Uacs | VTG type P21.063C

Data sheet

  • Optimized for the transportation of powder products with a bulk density of approx. 1.0 t/m³.
  • Cement, bentonite, soda (heavy) and aluminum oxide.


Technical details

Tare weight Approx. 21 t
Axle load 20 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets Approx. 12,000 mm
Min. curve radius 35 m
Brake KE-GP 2x12“
Brake block category Gray cast iron
Tank material Carbon steel (S355J2+N)
Nominal volume Approx. 63 m³
Compartments 1 chamber
Loading equipment 3 domes (similar to 4 locking handle version),
DN 500
3 filling spouts with A coupling, DN 100
Outlet equipment 3 hoppers with dispersal - Siperm GFP
Manifold, double-sided with product and
compressed air connection, DN 100/DN 50
Inclination 50°
Design temperature -20/+50°C
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