Branch: Food<br> Segment: Hopper wagons<br> Load: Grain, Sugar


Uagnpps | H45.092D


Optimized for the transportation of sugar.

Unloading hatches closed by slide valves operated manually and individually by handwheels on either side of the wagon.

25 t axles for enhanced safety.

Complies with the strict hygienic requirements for the transportation of foodstuffs/sugar.

Movable components made of stainless steel.

Mechanical parts of the brake and the discharge mechanism are protected against sugar dust (e.g. compact brake, gearbox plates).

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Technical details

Tare weight approx. 22.2 t
Axle load 22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets 13,800 mm
Min. curve radius 75 m
Brake KE-GP-A 2x8"
Brake block categoryK brake block
Drawgear & static tractive force Split, 850 kN
Material, upper section Steel (S355J2+N
Material, lower section Hopper and slide valve made of stainless steel (1.4301)
Nominal volume approx. 92 m³
Wall inclination 50°
Lining type Food-grade lining - Novatic ZD 95, solvent-free
Top loading 4x one-handle dome, DN 500, made of stainless steel
Outlet equipment

4x discharge hoppers (stainless steel flaps),
600 mm x 900 mm, centered, manually operated by handwheel

Emptying Gravity
Flap door operation Handwheel
Design temperature Temperature range: T1, -25°C/+40°C