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Benefit from Retrack, VTG’s own railway company.

We clear the way for your rail freight transports. Retrack GmbH, VTG’s in-house railway company, gives you constant access to our extensive network and large pool of electric locomotives, diesel engines and hybrid engines. And in periods of peak demand, we can enlarge the pool at short notice. Another Retrack service is the availability of extra locomotives to cover the first and last miles – a VTG Rail Logistics solution that lets you independently handle shunting at the start and end of each transport. In addition, we have our own sizeable pool of engine drivers to get your goods safely to their destination.

In other words, we can at all times give you traction for your goods, put flexible transport solutions together for you and guarantee reliable transit times that are tailored exactly to your needs. Our professional Retrack team is available round the clock.

The Retrack network – a subsidiary of VTG Rail Logistics – operates in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. It uses climate-friendly rail transport to link key European business centers together, quickly and reliably.


How you benefit:

  • Reliable transit times thanks to our pool of locomotives and more than 100 engine drivers 
  • Professional contacts available round the clock
  • A complete package of locomotives, wagons and fleet management 
  • A Retrack network in five European countries 
  • Fast links between key business centers in Europe


Retrack Network

Map of Europe with transport corridors drawn in
Focus upon main corridors, with hubs, feeders and distribution antennas.

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