Branch: Intermodal<br> Segment: Low floor wagons<br> Load: 9`6“ high cube container, ISO container, Swap bodies, Tank container, Swap container


Sffggmrrs(s) - Megafret | I53.105A


One of the most advanced railcar designs for use in combined traffic. With a loadingdeck height of only 825 mm it is possible to transport 9‘6“ containers (Highcube) through the Channel Tunnel into European terminals. Excellent for the transportation of voluminous goods. It is possible to transport containers and swap bodies with an exterior height of 3‘220 mm in a C-45 loading profile.

Technical specifications

Tare weightApprox. 39 t
Max. load89 t
Axle load16 t
Wheel diameter730 mm
Total length over buffers36,440 mm
Clearance: outer wheelsetsSingle: 15,080 mm Double: 32,600 mm
BrakeCh-GP-A 12“/KE-GP-A 12“
Brake block categorySintered brake block
Min. curve-radius150 m (in block train)
Max. speed120 km/h
Loading length2x 16,105 mm
Loading length in feet104 ft
Loading width2,600 mm
Loading height above top of rail, unloaded825 mm
Ferry boat capability1° 30‘