Branch: Disposal<br> Segment: Powder wagons<br> Load: Brown coal dust, Plastic granulate


Powder-jumbo | P71.128D



Optimized for the transportation of pulverized lignite (hazardous goods) and powder products with a bulk density of approx. 0.5 t/m³.

Sample products: Plastic granulate, cereal flour, bleaching earth, kaolin, aluminum silicate, soda (light).

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Technical details

Tare weightApprox. 20.6 t
Axle load20 t
Clearance: outer wheelsetsApprox. 17,600 mm
Min. curve radius60 m
BrakeKE-GP-A-4x8“ (Knorr CFCB)
Brake block categoryK brake block
Tank materialAluminium (EN AW-5083)
Nominal volumeApprox. 128 m³
Compartments1 chamber
Loading equipment4 domes, DN 500, with 4 locking handles each
that can be swiveled through 150°
Outlet equipment6 hoppers with dispersal mats or GFP floors
Manifold (S-shaped), double-sided with product
and compressed air connection, DN 125/D18DN 80
Tank codeSGAN
Design temperature-20/+80°C