Branch: Bulk materials<br> Segment: Modular freight car<br> Load:

SGGRRS 2x40‘ + VTG ModuBox BULK


The Sggrrs2x40‘, with its volume optimised construction, allows VTG to load more on each wagon. The ModuBox Bulk is a perfect match, and is VTG’s modular solution for the transport of light (e.g.: woodchips) and heavy bulk (e.g.: coal, ore and scrap) products. The volume optimised design, combined with the low weight of the waggons, allows for a significant

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Technical details

Technical Details System


Sub-categoryModular Freight Car
Tare weight40.9 t
Axle load22.5 t
Clearance: outer wheelsets22,880 mm
Max. load139,. t (180,0 t)
Brake block categoryK
Total length over buffersmax. 26,710 mm
Wheel diameter920 mm
Min. curve-radius75 m
Max. speed100 km/h
Loading length2 x 12,370 mm
Loading length in feet2 x 40‘ (ft)
Loading width2,890 mm
Loading height above, top of rail, unloaded1,155 mm
Ferry boat capabilityNo


Technichal Details ModuBox Bulk

Tare weight2.950 t
Max. gross weight38.0 t
Volume46.0 m³
Loading length20’
Loading widthmax 2,900 mm
Loading height2,900 mm