Branch: Intermodal<br> Segment: Pocket wagons<br> Load: ISO container, Swap bodies, Tank container, Swap container


Sdggmrs(s) Megapack (T2000) | T72.104D


The modern solution transporting mega trailers by rail. Railroad grade swap bodies and container types can also be loaded as an alternative to semi-trailers.

Technical details

Tare weightApprox. 35 t
Max. load100 t
Axle load22.5 t
Wheel diameter920 mm
Total length over buffers33,940 mm/34,200 mm
Clearance: Outer wheelsets30,200 mm (short and long version)
BrakeKE-GP-A 14“
Brake block categoryGray cast iron/LL brake block
Min. drivable turning radius150 m (in block train)
Max. speed120 km/h
Loading length2x 13,600 mm semi-trailer
or 4x 7,820 mm (in the 34,200 mm version)
Loading length in feet100 ft/104 ft
Loading height above
top of rail, unloaded
270 mm for trailer
1,155 mm for swap bodies and containers
Pocket width2,580 mm
Loading width2,600 mm for Container
Ferry boat capability