Digital fleet: IMT and VTG partner to boost connectivity in rail freight

Intermodal Telematics BV (IMT) and VTG AG have agreed on a long-term partnership to extend the digitisation of VTG’s rail wagon fleet. The first step in this new arrangement will be the delivery of 15,000 of IMT’s CLT20-Ex main GPS units over the next 15 months, with the potential to substantially expand that number over the coming years.


The solar powered CLT20-Ex enables unlimited wireless data transfer allowing for optimal accuracy, which is an ideal match for the high requirements in quality and safety that VTG sets in the field of telematics and information provision for its customers. 

“VTG selected IMT as its new additional telematics partner due to its solution-driven approach towards meeting our specific hardware requirements. The fact that IMT has its own R&D team with experienced hardware, software as well as firmware engineers and offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to full in-house production was another key factor in our decision making. We’re continuing to digitize our entire VTG fleet and IMT will help us boost our goals in data integration and global connectivity,” Dr. Hanno Schell, Head of Technical Innovations at VTG says. 

The award winning CLT20-Ex illustrates IMT's innovative strength and scope as the leading telematics solution provider. The solar powered GPS unit enables unlimited data transfer and long-lasting operational reliability on rail wagons and other assets that do not have their own power source. As the CLT20-Ex serves as a central hub for all IMT sensors installed on a rail wagon, it forms the solid basis for near real-time information on location (worldwide), load status, and cargo related values as temperature, liquid levels and pressure. 

IMT and VTG have been working together for the past three years on different projects, but the new partnership agreement will deepen the collaboration. Dethmer Drenth, IMT’s founder and managing director: “We are very happy about this solid partnership with VTG, the largest private wagon hire company in Europe and one of the leading providers of rail and tank container logistics services. VTG offers its customers the highest service and transparency. Together, we want to create change through innovation and technical leadership. When it comes to transporting goods for the mineral oil, energy or chemical industry, maximum insight into and accurate monitoring of the fleet operation is essential to ensure high quality of both the goods and the transport itself. VTG connects worlds, IMT connects data and transforms data in valuable information.” 

IMT’s solution offers better insights, enabling customers to better monitor product quality and improve the safety and efficiency of the logistics process. All collected and transmitted data about the rail wagon and its cargo by IMT will be collated in VTG’s platform. “An accurate data provision, worldwide monitoring, analysis and reporting and, if necessary, timely intervention are of unprecedented value in the transport of liquids and sensitive goods. IMT’s solution provides us with valuable insights and added value for our customers’ daily practice. We want to deliver efficiency gains, safety improvements and a reduction of the overall environmental footprint. As such, we appreciate the close cooperation with IMT’s software engineering team in order to coordinate the seamless integration of the provided data. Together, we’re creating a sustainable digital environment that meets VTG’s as well as our customers’ information needs.” Hanno Schell adds.

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