Efficient and sustainable solutions for modern rail freight: VTG at transport logistic

How can rail-based freight transport become more efficient and more attractive? How can this mode of transport slot seamlessly into modern supply chains? At this year’s transport logistic fair in Munich, VTG will showcase its newly integrated and sustainable solution portfolio: All its assets, rail logistics, traction, maintenance and digital services will – for the first time – be on display under a single banner. From May 9-12, visitors will also have the opportunity to talk to the Group’s experts at the VTG booth on Platform 3/1.

At a glance: VTG at this year’s transport logistic
At VTG’s booth in the open-air section of the fairgrounds, trade visitors will be able to learn more about the Group’s innovations plus its latest services and technologies:

  • Combined transport innovations: roadrailLink (r2L) solution and the SWS-PowerBox
    VTG will be presenting innovative products for combined transport, including the r2L solution that lets non-craneable semitrailers be shifted onto the rails. The company will also demonstrate a solution for “electrifiable” freight wagons that guarantee seamless, end-to-end compliance with cool chain requirements on the rails.
  • Modular solutions for more flexibility, more volume and greater efficiency: ModuPallet Pipe and m2 wagon
    Alongside a series of different standard freight wagons for steel products, farm produce and waste disposal, VTG will also be displaying multifunctional and modular superstructures and underframes. Two of these – the ModuPallet Pipe and the ingenious m2 wagon – are brand-new.
  • Energy transport on the rails: New Energies strategy
    For the first time, VTG will unveil its New Energies strategy. The aim is to give customers the best possible support, walking them through the transformation to sustainable industrial processes and developing both technical and commercial rail freight solutions around CO2, hydrogen, ammonia and LNG.
    In addition, visitors will be able to find out about our extensive array of tank cars and tank containers for temperature-controlled goods, gases, chemicals, petroleum products, powdered goods and hazardous goods of all kinds.
  • Digital solutions: traigo, FastTrack, kingpin sensors and temperature sensors
    The traigo customer platform is an integral feature of VTG’s service portfolio, bringing together our digital offerings for rail freight customers. The platform enables customers to manage their VTG fleet efficiently and also gives them access to our entire FastTrack portfolio. Locations, prices and availability can be looked up in real time 24/7, and single wagons or sets of wagons can be booked at short notice at selected locations.
    Cutting-edge sensors combined with telematic services provide a constant stream of critical rail-based transport data. Solutions such as kingpin sensors and temperature sensors boost operational efficiency, make processes more transparent and improve rail freight safety.
  • Additional services: rail logistics, Retrack and fleet services
    Visitors to the fair can learn everything they need to know about rail logistics, traction, wagon maintenance and mobile services.

Sustainability – VTG at the transport logistic Campus Plaza
Rail is by far the most sustainable mode of freight transport. While providing a versatile wagon fleet for the low-carbon transportation of all kinds of goods, VTG is also constantly working on new solutions that make it easier and more attractive to get freight traffic off the roads and onto the rails. Given the urgency of the climate crisis, however, that is not enough. As a company, VTG therefore rises to its responsibility and has set itself ambitious sustainability goals in the environment, social and governance (ESG) space. On booth 215/314 at the transport logistic Campus Plaza in hall B2, VTG will thus showcase its commitment to sustainability and unveil its roadmap to climate neutrality by 2040.

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