VTG advances Intermodal Transport in Spain and Portugal: New T4000 Pocket Wagons for Iberian Gauge

VTG GmbH announces the imminent arrival of the first T4000 pocket wagons designed for the Iberian gauge. The phased deployment of 200 wagons in Spain will enhance accessibility for combined transport services.

In order to actively promote modal shift from road to rail on the Iberian Peninsula, the development of a pocket wagon adapted to the Iberian gauge was necessary. "We are proud to announce the market launch of our T4000 pocket wagons for the Spanish market. These wagons signify a turning point in Spain's intermodal transport and will significantly impact the efficiency and sustainability of our transportation system," says Carlos Omaña, Operations Manager of VTG in Spain.

Boosting Combined Transport

VTG contributes to the advancement of rail freight transport, facilitating the seamless integration of goods onto the rail and reinforcing the efficiency of combined transport systems. The T3000 pocket wagon is already successfully deployed for the European standard gauge. Through the transport and handling technology "roadrailLink" (r2L) developed in collaboration with VEGA International, non-craneable semi-trailers are made craneable within minutes using the r2L loading basket, then placed on the pocket wagons, and subsequently transported on the rail. This innovation allows numerous transports to shift from road to rail.

Press release: New T4000 Pocket Wagons for Iberian Gauge PDF
Nota de prensa: Nuevos vagones pocket T4000 para ancho ibérico PDF


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