VTG boosts its already excellent rating in the GRESB global sustainability ranking

In just its second year participating in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), VTG has earned 99 out of 100 possible points (2021: 96) in the prestigious ranking. This score enabled VTG to move up to 12th place in the overall assessment (2021: 22nd place) out of 649 participating companies (2021: 550) in the Infrastructure category.

GRESB is the leading international rating system that specifically aims to measure the sustainability performance of companies and funds in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. With its benchmark, the American-Dutch institute compares participating companies and assesses their sustainability performance in seven categories: management, policy & disclosure, management of risks and opportunities, monitoring & environment management system (EMS), certifications, stakeholder engagement and performance indicators. The extensive assessment criteria are updated every year and aligned with international reporting standards, goals and specifications. 

The so-called GRESB score resulting from the weighting of the seven categories plays an important role in increasing the transparency of companies’ sustainability-related efforts and enabling them to be compared. “We are pleased about the excellent ranking. But, more importantly, we are thrilled to be on the right track with our sustainability strategy,” says Bernd Nawitzky, Head of Management Systems & Safety. “VTG is embracing its responsibility. With our innovative solutions and sustainable transport concepts, we are helping to realize the urgently needed modal shift from road to rail while using our resources sparingly. We aim to be a climate-neutral company by 2040 and are acting against climate change with this clear course. At the same time, VTG is also fulfilling its social responsibilities with a wide range of initiatives.” This commitment to environmental, social and governance issues has once again been awarded a 5-star rating, the highest possible score, in the GRESB assessment. 

Among the 22 rail companies participating worldwide, VTG took first place this year for the "Performance" component. “In addition to being a great acknowledgment of VTG’s commitment to sustainability, this also shows that we are using the right indicators to manage these activities,” adds Eike Furkert, Sustainability Manager at VTG. “Our work is paying off, and we would like to thank all our colleagues for their dedication to sustainability and for the extensive efforts they made while preparing the company to participate in the GRESB assessment.” 

Representing the entire Executive Board, Sven Wellbrock, Chief Operating Officer Europe & Chief Safety Officer at VTG AG, adds: “The rail system will be a key success factor in shaping a sustainable future. We are keenly aware of the need for VTG – the market leader and a driver of innovation – to set an example by putting our expertise and inventive capabilities to good use. Thus, we are delighted not only that VTG is making a significant contribution to developing eco-friendly transport concepts for our customers with our business model and innovative solutions, but also that it succeeded in making another outstanding impression during its second time participating in the GRESB rating.”

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