VTG publishes its first Sustainability Report

VTG Aktiengesellschaft has published its first sustainability report this week. In it, the company sets out its medium- and long-term vision, specifies concrete goals in three overarching areas of action, and presents first successes of its commitment. In future, VTG will report annually on the company's sustainability performance.


The fight against climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our day. Yet to maintain social cohesion, it is also crucial to strike a healthy balance between growth, prosperity and equity. “By combining responsible action with innovative solutions and the careful conservation of resources, we at VTG are committed to playing our part in sustainably improving the quality of life. We are convinced that protecting fundamental natural resources, shouldering social responsibility and delivering solid economic performance are aspects that must go hand in hand,” says Oksana Janssen, Chief Operating Officer Eurasia & Far East at VTG AG.

When it comes to implementing forward-looking and climate-friendly mobility concepts, rail freight is of pivotal importance. VTG is driving the implementation of sustainable and climate-friendly mobility concepts and is committed to shifting traffic in favor of rail. “We are reimagining rail freight transport around an array of innovative and integrated services. Our aim is to persuade customers of the strengths of this system and, in so doing, to actively advance the transport transition,” says Sven Wellbrock, Chief Operating Officer Europe & Chief Safety Officer at VTG AG. “We are keenly aware of the need for VTG – the market leader and a driver of innovation – to set an example by putting our expertise and inventive capabilities to good use.”

VTG is expressly committed to the Paris Agreement as well as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and willingly assumes ecological, economic and social responsibility. To this end, the company has aligned itself with the seventeen sustainability goals of the United Nations and focuses on those SDGs on which one can have the greatest influence and effect:

   ●  VTG is committed to equality, inclusion and anti-discrimination.
   ●  VTG ensures a safe working environment for its employees through the highest standards of occupational health and safety.
   ●  VTG is committed, among other things, to the careful use of resources – in the construction, operation and maintenance of its mobile infrastructure.
   ●  VTG supports projects in the field of children's and youth education and the promotion of sports.

The company has a profound sense of responsibility toward mitigating climate change – not only because of our core business, but because we have also set ourselves the goal of being climate-neutral by 2040.
In addition to the analyses carried out internally and the development of VTG‘s sustainability strategy, VTG also took part in the sustainability ranking of the American-Dutch GRESB Institute in the reporting year 2021. Of around 550 participating companies worldwide in the infrastructure sector, VTG landed in 22nd place with 96 out of 100 achievable points. “With a GRESB ranking that places us among the top 4 percent of sustainable investments, we are underscoring VTG’s attractiveness to our financing partners, as we are also leading the way in the environmental, social and governance space,” adds Mark Stevenson, Chief Financial Officer der VTG AG. 

Like all major transitions, however, change begins with the little things: with every process, every product, every service – and every one of us. This is the commitment the company wants to carry over into the marketplace – a commitment that will be made clear at the first ‘green event’ on 150 years of private-sector wagon leasing in Vienna in May.

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