VTG Rail Europe and IMATEQ join forces: First joint workshop for integrated railway maintenance

During the coronavirus crisis, rail freight transport has yet again proven its strategic and decisive role in securing the supply chain throughout European countries. But in order to maintain a high standard of performance and reliability, it is important to provide regular maintenance, repair and updating while keeping standing times as short as possible.

Now, two industry leaders have come together to provide a holistic service and maintenance approach to the entire train system by offering a joint workshop for locomotives and rail cars at the newly established Integrated Railway Maintenance Pole, consisting of VTG and IMATEQ Italia, the local service location of Vossloh Locomotives, in Rivalta Scrivia – Tortona (AL).

The Integrated Railway Maintenance Pole has found its headquarters at the Katoen Natie Logistics Interport, with a total area of 450 thousand square meters and 350 thousand square meters excellently connected with the railway network of RFI. Both, VTG and IMATEQ present themselves as a dependable partner offering reliable, efficient, competitive rail service with intervention times inspired by the concept of one "pit-stop" for the whole train system to national operators.  “We look forward to collaborating and exchanging expertise with IMATEQ to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers. Our workforce is structured to ensure quality and short standing times, giving it a competitive edge,“ Steffen Gahtow, Head of Maintenance and Procurement at VTG says. Walter Serra, Senior Director at IMATEQ underlines: “In times of Covid-19, in which rail transport has proved to be a strategic and decisive asset for our country, together with VTG we are able to assure domestic operators a reliable, efficient and competitive maintenance service.” 

“We see this as a very important cooperation project that sends an important signal for the future and sustainably supports freight transport and safety on rails,” adds Stefan Herr, Vice President Sales at Vossloh Locomotives. All workshop services are guaranteed and certified in accordance with the framework conditions in legislative, regulatory and railway safety matters.

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