Weißer Trailer wird per Kran auf Waggon gehoben

Bringing non-craneable semitrailers onto the rails together

An innovative step toward sustainable freight transport

The global logistics company Samskip offers transport and related services worldwide by land, sea, rail and air, focusing on cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. To meet its own transport needs flexibly and in the most climate-friendly way possible, the Rotterdam-based company is now increasingly relying on combined transports while using T3000 intermodal wagons and the r2L solution. The multi-function wagon is particularly suitable for transporting various types of tailers and can be used in combination with the r2L solution, an innovative handling and transport technology that provides a cost-effective way to handle non-craneable semitrailers of any type. Co-developed by VTG and the logistics provider VEGA International, this solution makes it possible for around 95 percent of semitrailers in the EU to be carried by rail and therefore be used in combined transport.

In this interview, Head of Rail Operations Alieke van Zuthem explains why Samskip has been won over by the innovative solution and why the company relies on combined transport and its partnership with VTG.

VTG: How satisfied are you with the combined T3000/r2L solution?

van Zuthem: Here at Samskip Multimodal, we are very satisfied with the T3000/r2L solution. We have been using the T3000 wagons for a long time to efficiently transport goods between Sweden and Germany. The wagons allow us to transport mega and standard trailers by rail and to provide a sustainable, fast and reliable service to our customers. On top of that, the recent integration of r2L carriers has further improved our service offering by accommodating non-craneable trailers in our rail network. The terminals in our network have been professionally trained by VTG and VEGA in unloading and loading procedures to ensure smooth handling of these units.

VTG: Which goods can be transported sustainably by rail using the T3000 wagon?

van Zuthem: We sustainably transport a wide range of goods by rail, including goods for the food, furniture, automotive and packaging industries.

Reefer-Trailer hängt in der Luft an Kran
Reefer trailer is lifted onto the T3000 using a reachstacker and the r2L solution.

VTG: Why did you decide to use rail freight transport?

van Zuthem: Rail transport is at the heart of Samskip’s modalities. We are working hard to tackle the environmental challenges that our industry faces. Our mission is to make green logistics easily accessible, and operating an expanded rail network is an essential part of our strategy.

VTG: What are the advantages of using the combined T3000/r2L solution?

van Zuthem: The r2L solution opens up a lot of new possibilities for transporting non-craneable units by rail. This advance is in keeping with our efforts to advance the modal shift from road to rail and to facilitate the decarbonization of the logistics sector.

We are pleased that Samskip has become another strong partner who is using our solutions to drive combined transport forward and thereby helping to ensure the sustainability of freight transportation.

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