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Put your goods on the rails with VTG. Take advantage of our wagon and tank container fleet, our logistical expertise and our digital solutions.


Want to improve the efficiency of your freight transports while reducing your carbon footprint?

VTG plugs you into the largest privately owned wagon fleet in Europe – plus an array of superstructures and tank containers – to carry almost every conceivable cargo from A to B. Our customers routinely benefit from the knowledge of our experts, who are happy to tailor service offerings to the specific needs of your company and your transport projects. On request, we will even manage all the logistics from start to finish. Our digital solutions let you get the best out of your resources while keeping a close eye on your transports at any time. Isn’t it time you too moved over to the future of transport? Put your goods on the rails with VTG!

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Lease our equipment and benefit from our many add-on services – from the manufacture of new wagons to maintenance to fleet management.

Whatever cargo you want to move, we make sure it safely reaches its destination. You would expect VTG to give you access to an extensive fleet of freight wagons, superstructures and tank containers.

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Logistical Services

Make efficient, rail-based transport the solution of choice for your cargo – complete with end-to-end logistics spanning the whole transport chain.

There is more to logistics than getting your goods from A to B. From a single source, VTG gives you every service you need to successfully complete your transports. 

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Digital Solutions

Tracking movements, scheduling wagons and tank containers, predicting maintenance: Our digital solutions make your transports safer and more efficient.

Obviously, you want to know everything about your transports: the exact location of your freight at any given moment, when a wagon is due for maintenance, the mileage your rolling stock has clocked up, and where you can still lease equipment for a job you’ve taken on at short notice.

Pick and mix our services

Discover the full breadth and depth of what we have to offer, then pick and mix the products and services you need. We will be happy to advise you on putting together a package that precisely fits your company’s individual needs. Here are a few examples of popular combinations from which many of our customers already benefit.

The right solutions for every industry

Discover the most suitable wagons, superstructures, tank containers, logistical services and digital solutions for every cargo and every industry.
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